The durabull difference

At DuraBull Trailers we want you to be proud of your trailer. We take time to do it the right way and go above and beyond to ensure your needs are met. Our goal is to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction, value, and care to our clients to deliver the best, most durable, long-lasting, and esthetically appealing trailer in the industry. Check out some of the qualities that set us apart from the competition to make the DuraBull Difference.


Aluminum Tube Framing

All our Durabull Trailers are built with aluminum tube frames that are stronger than C-Channel or I-Beam construction.


6'6" Standard Height

Durabull Trailers are built to accommodate more. Beating industry standard by 6 inches of height.


Seamless Roof

Our one piece roof is double sealed to prevent leaks.


Zinc Coupler

Standard trailers are built with painted couplers that are nickel plated but ours come standard with zinc to prevent corrosion.


Protected Wiring

Keep your wiring safe from the tough elements with our wiring that is the best in the industry.


Dexter Torsion

All our trailers are equipped with Dexter Torsion Axles to prevent rusting and come with a 10 year warrant.


Screwless Exterior

The only trailer in the industry to have screwless exterior sidewall and trim.


16" On Center

Most our Durabull Trailers are 16" on center floor, walls, and roof vs. the industry standard of 24"


Sealed Wheel Boxes

Our trailers are sealed on the internal and external joints before assembling to ensure there are no leaks.


1x2 Standard Walls

DuraBull uses a standard 1x2 aluminum tubing. This increases durability and structure and is superior to the industry 1x1 standard.


Extended Jack Foot

Our trailers come with an extended jack foot for easy loading and more stability.


32" x 74" Standard Man Door

Our trailers have a standard 32" x 74" side man door. Providing ample space to move in and out.