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Founded with a passion for life, DuraBull Trailers is manufactured by fans, riders, and lovers of outdoor life.  When you buy a DuraBull, you're not just buying a trailer, you're buying a trailer you can love. Our customers and ambassadors are the same.

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Gary Johnson

Maine Backcountry Guide

My name is Gary Johnson, I am a Registered Recreational Maine Guide, and I will be your head guide at Deans Den in New Canada Maine. I have been backcountry snowmobiling since 2012 and guiding since 2017. Ridden everywhere from the Chic Chocs of Canada to Colorado multiple times. Being a snowmobile guide wasn't something I initially saw myself doing, but I had a strong desire to maneuver snowmobiles in ways I had never imagined and enjoy teaching others.

I grew up as a trail rider, so steering handlebars was a straightforward concept. After being introduced to tree riding, my mind and sense of desire to learn grew exponentially. These skills allowed me to take a snowmobile places I couldn't have dreamt of prior, and I wanted to share that rush of adrenaline and challenge with everyone.

Some of my other hobbies/passions include wake surfing, dirtbikes, riding my grom, mountain biking, and working out.

Backcountry snowmobiling is more than just Snowmobiling. It's being prepared for adverse conditions and terrain. It's the ability to pack clothes, food, survival, and safety gear and plan a whole day off the beaten path. It's discovering with the machine and skill the views and obstacles you can overcome. It's a sport that's endless with excitement, great vibes, and passionate people that love active lifestyles and challenges.

I am a survivor of a life-altering accident that left me paralyzed at 25 years old. I never gave up and was able to have the opportunity and ability to walk again.  Ever since then, I decided I was going to take every day to inspire others to chase their passion. My passion is to teach riders that have the desire to ride the backcountry and show them how to expand their knowledge and skill sets to chase their dreams and enjoy their passion to the fullest extent.

Snowy Forest

Ali Benway

Women's Backcountry Influencer

During the week you will typically find me managing our family-owned dog daycare and at home helping my boyfriend work on side-by-sides, four-wheelers, and sleds. In my free time, I enjoy playing with our three goldens, going in the Rzr, playing in the mud on the four-wheeler, wake surfing out behind the boat, or shredding powder out in the backcountry with the boys.

When my boyfriend and I first met he brought me out into the woods on his 2016 pro rmk and told me that I could either learn to ride or stay home. Despite struggling for the longest time I never quit and kept pushing myself to do better; now the sport has become my escape from reality where I can just be myself.

My dogs are my other biggest passion; My entire career and life have been working with dogs. Two of my three goldens are trained service animals and they go everywhere we go whether it's halfway across the country to snowmobile in Colorado or riding on the four-wheeler with me through the mud. I have recently gotten into breeding; My goldens are their own little family of Mom, Dad, and Baby.

I grew up with 3 brothers and we would always be outside playing in the mud, riding bikes, or getting into some sort of trouble. I was eager to show them whatever they could do, I could do. I want to inspire other girls that they can keep up with the boys and rip up the mountain on a sled or through the mud on a wheeler. We’re going to get stuck and make mistakes along the way but never give up.

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Snowmobile clubs and competitors love our Inline and MultiSport trailers to move and store their snowmobiles in.


Do you race competitively? DuraBull makes Car Haulers specialized to move motorsports vehicles.

ATV and Side-by-Sides

All Terrain Vehicles and Side-by-Sides fit well inside Durabull Trailers. Let us know if you are part of a club or group involved in the sport.

Passion Project

Do you have a passion project that aligns with DuraBull Trailer's customer base?

Tell us about it.


Do you or your family compete in Motorcross events? Depending on your reach, we'd like to talk sponsorship opportunities.

Non-Profit Organization

Working with a non-profit that resonates with DuraBull's core community? Let us know and we'll see what we can make happen.

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